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Wiki is a collection of speeches of famous people, and Wiktionary is a free and multilingual dictionary.

Due to the nature of the proceedings, the actual operations will primarily – and perhaps only – as it were conducted on behalf of the administrative authority by the contractor services. The scope of these activities should be specified in the contract or in the framework of working arrangements for implementing the agreement – says Daniel Chojnacki from Domański Zakrzewski Palinka. The question of the evidence in the case Local authorities have doubts as to gather evidence to be sufficient in matters of appeal: whether it is necessary, for example, securing the bag in which the garbage is mixed, though they should not. – In my opinion, the evidence may be in particular images of the container or bag, one side showing its contents, the other showing their location in order to allow identification of the property on which the container or bag is contained, or at least two different shots. The additional material may be a note drawn up by an employee of the service provider. I do not see the need to protect the container – says Daniel Chojnacki. The question is whether these are sufficient evidence in appeal proceedings? – In many cases, may lead to disputes, and the property owner to prove that his waste, it will be difficult. Garbage is often exhibited in front of landscaped grounds.

How do you prove that someone threw this bag is not? – says Charles Wojcik from the Union of Employers of Waste Management. In his opinion, the most effective tool is education, not “financially painful and difficult to defend the mayor initiated the decision, in principle, recognized personnel Waste trucks” .See also: You punk! Ekocyklicznie economy – part. 13 – Are Poles segregate waste? “Doubts also raises the need to notify the property owner garbage that is not keeping sorted waste. Where an employee of the waste has to have his data? And if they are not protected? – In my opinion, the legislature was in this case a “working notice”, ie leave the service by the contractor at the waste collection information on the above-mentioned fact, according to the memo, for example, previously adopted format. You should not walk in this case to conduct any further correspondence between the contractor and the owner of real estate services.

In principle, the system of municipal waste collection with the property owner contact the municipality. With this perspective, questions about the origin of the data, as well as a RODO, are irrelevant – says Daniel Chojnacki. Source: DGP Toothless right? The matter is complicated investigations junk that no uniform standards or selective collection set in law or regulation. Ministry of Environment has not decided on such a solution and allowed municipalities to determine it, in which case you can say that the waste has been contaminated.

This means that in each municipality, these standards may be different and allow, for example, 5, 10 percent. contaminants or do not allow them at all. – Staff garbage trucks, which need not be highly qualified and usually is not, after all, must assess the quality of the waste to make a memo, photographic documentation, which is what the mayor will allow municipalities to initiate proceedings aimed at the decision. This is the assessment of our employee has the authority depend on further proceedings topped severe consequences for the occupant. It is not for us joyful competence, but of course we are aware that received the waste can not remain out of control – commented Charles Wojcik. Some local governments, which only have decided to try to change their regulations, they believe that selective collection of the best standards do not specify at all, or assumed that the waste must be 100 percent. clear. Otherwise it will be difficult to prove on the basis of photographs, that the waste is contaminated above the permissible norm. – If the operator garbage rigorously studied to anyone workowi, the question the 95 percent. selective collection, because in Poland it is still at a low level.

Sometimes there are obvious cases. But what to do when we have to deal with greasy, dirty paper, which should be put to mixed waste? – Charles wonders Wojcik. Experts predict that in connection with the settlement of the instances of appeal in favor of local governments will subside only bright infringements of the law on maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities. Financial detriment for municipalities. When in fact adjust their rules, they can no longer charge higher monthly rates for the management of waste from residents who say they do not want to segregate waste.

Local authorities initially calculates that budgets for waste management shrink by even one fifth. It all began in 2001 in the United States. Businessman Jimmy Wales has tested ways to further successful business. Wikipedia was the forerunner Nupedia. But it was a bad idea Walesa, who along with Larry Sanger eventually created a Wikipedia-based software that allows you to edit content pages directly in the browser. A Polish origins? It was founded by Christopher Jasiutowicz physician and physicist Paul Jochym in September 2001.

In the first year of the Polish Wikipedia had only less than 600 passwords. The number of 100 thousand. He reached in 2005. Today Polish Wikipedia has 1.06 million passwords. This result places it in 11th place in the ranking of the world’s language Wikipedia. The leader, the English version has more than 4.5 million passwords. https://homeworkmarket.me/ According Megapanel / PBI for April of this year wikipedia.org domain visited by 9.8 million Internet users, which Wikipedia ranks 9th in the Polish Internet.

How does it work? All Wikipedias (over 200 languages) along with the servers belong to the Wikimedia Foundation, located in San Francisco. Since May, executive director of the foundation is Russian Lila Tretikov. In individual countries, sometimes there are organizations supporting the American Foundation. The first local partner was the German Wikimedia Deutschland.

A year later, the association was founded in Lodz, Poland Wikimedia, which is the official partner of the local American headquarters. Who really governs Wikipedia? Wikipedians community, to which each are editing. There are no structures of subordination. You can only temporarily gain some power. On the Polish version of Wikipedia 2.8 thousand. people have the rights of editors (active is much less).

To win you have to have such powers edition of 500 or less, if the administrator finds that we are already practiced of sufficient and useful. Editor has the right to edit and the changes are immediately visible to all. If you edit without creating an account or even from your account, but without power – our changes in the contents are reviewed by one of the editors. With more editing should write a request to review the editing. The waiting time for editing designation varies from minutes to up to 45 days in extreme cases. In the queue waiting usually approx.

5 thousand. edit to mark. A similar system has German change browse Wikipedia, but she is not English. Viewing changes means that the Polish Wikipedia is no longer possible evident vandalism and destruction of passwords. In addition, after the famous slogan of mystification about Henryk trampoline (which did not exist) Wikipedians pay more attention to reliable sources, which must have every article. 2 More than 600 articles have highlighted the status ( “good” or “a medal”), which means that their content has proven quality (often long and detailed descriptions of issues). The quality of articles is improved in cooperation with scientists. Currently underway among Wiki-Economics project, in which specialists from the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Wroclaw with wikipedystami improve password on economic issues.

The longest article is “Finnish Grammar,” which is actually ready textbook to learn the language. For the names of the strangest items include, among others “Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch” – is the name of one of the village in Wales. Above the order throughout the Polish version of the encyclopedia supervised more than 100 administrators. They have special powers. They, among others, grant and revoke privileges editorial, block vandals, delete, and edit passwords nieencyklopedyczne homepage Polish Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is not a limp abyss content and passwords. Each entry is plugged into a specific category. In addition, they work thematic portals that Wikipedians by interest group. Several dozen portals, including law, military, zoology, fantasy, transportation, slag, etc. Not only encyklopediaOprócz Wikipedia with time running sister projects. All multimedia (photos, graphics, videos, recordings) are stored in the repository Wikimedia Commons.

From this base every Wikipedian can add eg. Photos to create articles. Add a photo or graphic can anyone, provided that it owns the copyright (same image made or bought the property), and agrees to its added under a free license (Creative Commons) .All passwords of all language versions are combined in the project Wikidata . For example, the password Polish “Aviation Law” is to the left of references to the terms of the same name in other languages ​​(eg called. Aviation law, Ger. Luftfahrrecht, etc.). Obviously articles in different languages ​​have different treść.Bieżące events are described on the site Wikinews.

Wiki is a collection of speeches of famous people, and Wiktionary is a free and multilingual dictionary. Wikivoyage are created on tourist guides attractive places. Wiktionary gather important documents, acts and books that you can take a free license. At Dive tools are available for individual or collaborative writing books, któ®e authors want to share a free license for free. WikipedyściWikipedię editing version Polish pupils and students, but not only. The largest group of graduates of universities.

According to incomplete data it is also dozens of PhD students and postdocs and several independent scientists, including several professors belwederskich.Spory editing are solved in accordance with the exacting paths of conflict resolution. Finally, in case of disputes personal matter can be resolved by the Arbitration Committee composed of elected kadencyjnie wikipedystów.Boom to edit Wikipedia Poland has unfortunately for him, fashion for editing from the years 2007-2011 passed. The problem is the lack of willing hands to improve existing and create new passwords. A day still arrives hundreds of passwords, but the pace of growth of new articles from year to year decreases slightly. In the years 2005-2011 were coming after approx. 100 thousand. Passwords year.

In the year 2012 and the last came passwords significantly less – approximately 80 thousand. annually. October 1 ZUS will not grant ex officio pensions at an earlier age (60 years for women and 65 for men) recipients of teachers’ compensation benefits, bridging pensions or retirement benefits. Such persons will have to submit a special request, and if they do not – they will retrieve the current provision until the completion of the increased retirement age. I lose money due to the strict rules duplicating benefits. It was to be different even in January 2016., During a public hearing of the presidential project restoring a lower retirement age, there was no indication on the division of beneficiaries. In the explanatory memorandum (form 62) contains a provision that among people receiving pomostówki whether the provision of compensation “retain the right until reaching the retirement age of 60 years for women and 65 for men.” And “in the case of an age of at least 60 years for women and at least 65 years for men, before the entry into force of this Act shall have the right to it until its entry into force.” The case looked so simple. But now it turns out that’s not like jest.zobacz also Rafalska encouraged to remain professionally active. “Every year is a pension increase of 8 percent.” »Now ZUS relies on Article.

17 of the Law of 16 November 2016. Amending the law on pensions from the Social Insurance Fund (Journal of Laws of 2017. Pos. 38), which includes a guarantee for the protection of acquired rights. Distribution of retirees – This means that people who on 1 October 2017. Will be established right to retirement benefits, the teachers provide the compensation or pension bridging retain those benefits on to achieve increased retirement age. They can already apply for retirement under the age of 60 years for women and 65 years for men – explains Radoslaw Milczarski the press office of the plant.

What does this mean in practice? Andrew Radzisława, legal counsel with the law firm LexConsulting.pl, there is no doubt that in this way extracting benefits were divided into two groups. Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna – Those who have completed after October 1, the new retirement age will be able to immediately retire common. Those currently extracting bridging pension benefit or compensation will be treated like pension rules have not changed – he explains. – The Sejm has introduced such a provision, social insurance to protect against wave retire at a lower age. Since, you will need to submit an application, the proportion of people simply do not do this – remarks Andrew Strębski, an independent insurance expert. Work without limits Restricting pomostówki for receiving compensation benefits or do not like the trade unionists. – For this group of people much better solution is to get a common retirement age. Cease to apply for the income thresholds resulting in the reduction or even suspension of payment of benefits – notes Wieslaw Taranowska, Vice-President of OPZZ, a member of the supervisory board also ZUS.zobacz: What are the contributions of the Bridging Pension Fund, in addition to part-time when an employee has also commissioned “But this is not the end of the benefits of retire at the age of 60 or 65 years.

The right to pomostówki is suspended regardless of the amount of income obtained in the event that the authorized work in special conditions or of a special nature. Similarly, in the case of former teachers. If so interested in passing on common retirement, it can work where he wants. – And that’s why these people must know their rights. In practice, it may be a problem with that – adds Andrzej Strębski. Although the legislature imposed an obligation to inform the Social Insurance Institution of the person entitled to change the rules, but it is small “but”: is not specified as to when such information has to reach the interested parties. Adds spice to the whole affair is that the Social Insurance Institution still do not know how many such people.

And their identification will be carried out at a later date “based on the personal data that include name, address and Social Security.” Justice system, anti-corruption, respect for the constitution and freedom of the media – these areas, the European Commission wants to control in all Member States.