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The average U.S. consumer experiences five power outages each year. These power outages can sometimes last for days and often come without notice.

Investing in a standby generator will ensure that your family is never in the dark during a power outage. Your house will stay powered up so it’s safe until regular service resumes—plus, you won’t lose a refrigerator full of food if the power goes out. These generators are permanent additions to your house, connected to your natural gas line. All Jersey Systems offers generators in NJ that can prepare you for outages and deliver complete peace of mind.

Standby Generator Advantages

Some benefits of having standby generators include:

  • Instant power when an outage occurs
  • Protection for your home from frozen pipes
  • Ability to provide power to important devices
  • Constant power to medical devices that may impact a loved one’s health
  • Preservation of food during outages (refrigerators and freezers remain powered)
  • Staying indoors during an outage
  • Management of climate control if your system involves electricity
  • Family safety

The team at All Jersey Systems not only assists you in selecting a generator; we can maintain and repair it if needed, and offer valuable insight to help you get the most from the equipment. Searching for a generator? Make sure you have a responsive heating contractor to go with it.

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