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Any man that loves football dreams about having   a man cave to enjoy watching their favorite team win each weekend. A place all of his own to watch the game in luxurious comfort surrounded by a handful of his closest friends. All while eating, drinking and enjoying every possible creature comfort at their fingertips. Gone are the days of being banished to the cold unfinished basement    to watch the game on an old television. The era of the man cave has arrived!


Man caves are not a new idea but the highly stylized and amenity rich décor is a recent phenomenon. Some aspects of these manly makeovers can be done on a “Do it yourself” basis but the larger jobs such as electrical wiring require expertise and sometimes professional knowledge. Then is when you call in the pros!

The most important aspect of a good man cave is the ability to watch the game on a high resolution large screen television. This will most likely require special electrical work to accommodate the television, the projection system, the sound system and ancillary electronics. Special electrical fixtures will need to be installed for a dimmer switch that creates a better viewing atmosphere.


Any self-respecting man cave will come fully equipped with a wet bar that includes a sink with running water. Some are even equipped with small dishwashers for easy clean-up after the games. Professional plumbing is required to ensure proper installation. Professional plumbing and construction is needed to install a bathroom for the perfect man cave set-up. Leaving the sanctity of this football paradise is unthinkable. Make sure all of your plumbing needs are met so no one will ever have to leave until the last game is over.

Heating and Cooling

Keeping the man cave cool and dry is a must, as the room will fill with people. Cheering and yelling for your favorite team can work up a sweat. Depending on the level of construction and renovation ductwork, HVAC units may need to be installed. Installing a dehumidifier will help to remove dampness from the air if the cave is underground. The mechanical room will require fresh-air in this situation.


The level of construction will depend upon your starting point. If you are starting with an unfinished basement the room will need to be framed and fully designed. If the room is already finished detail work and smaller features will need to be built. Once the room is finished the fun begins. Decorating the room in your team’s colors will bring the entire project to life. Every last detail down to having your team’s logo painted on the wall needs to be tended to. The mission of every man cave is to surround you in the thrill of the game while staying home in the lap of luxury.

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