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Remodeling Your Home: Where to Start?


Choosing areas of a home to remodel might seem easy, but it is very important to think practically about which areas of your home are best for renovations and how you can get the highest possible return on your investment. If you are working with a budget and a complete home renovation is not an option for you at the moment, use this guide to strategically decide which part of the home is the most beneficial to work on in the renovation process.

Remodeling Your Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom, especially if it is in an older home, can sometimes return even more money when a house is sold than what was put into it. One of the best times to remodel a bathroom is when there needs to be repair work done to the pipes, or when drywall needs to be replaced because of excess moisture leading to mold growth.

If the main goal for the renovation is to make an outdated bathroom look nicer before selling the house, it is not worth it to go all out and install a new shower/tub, cabinets, heated flooring, etc. However, if the bathroom is being renovated in order for the owners to get more out of it themselves, options such as: his and her sinks, towel warmers, extra vanity lighting, and even expanding the bathroom, are not out of the question.

Remodeling Your Kitchen

One of the main things people look at when they are purchasing a house is the kitchen. It can serve not only as a place to make meals, but also as an area for entertaining. Many new high-end houses are being fitted with extra large kitchens that boast islands, granite countertops, breakfast nooks, and large pantries. Remodeling a kitchen, to fit more in line with what is going into new construction, can increase the value of a house dramatically and can pay for itself when it is time to sell. A kitchen that opens up into the dining room or living room in an expansive open floor plan can even accommodate barstool seating.

Making renovations in a kitchen can be costly, but it is possible to do it even on a very small budget. Replacing sink fixtures, repainting, installing new tile floors or backsplashes, and replacing outdated lighting fixtures can help a kitchen seem more modern and more inviting than a kitchen which has not been changed since the house was built.

Remodeling Your Bedroom

When homeowners renovate a bedroom, they do so mainly for their own reasons and to help make the space more livable for them. It is pretty hard to get most of the money put into a bedroom investment back out of it when the house is sold, but it can be well worth it to make the room look just the way the owner wants it to.

Sometimes, the purpose of remodeling a bedroom is to turn it into some other kind of usable space, usually an office. Making an office out of a bedroom may not require a lot of work, but it can require extra electrical work to be done in order to make sure that there are enough outlets and internet connection. Bedrooms that are turned into offices may also have the floors replaced, especially if there are hardwood floors beneath the carpeting which can give a more distinctive look to an office.

Hire a Professional to Remodel Your Home

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